Clean Air Applications Avisory Board

Dietmar Walch, P.Eng

Engineering Director – ECO Agri Group Limited

Dietmar is a graduate of the University of Waterloo 1990 Bachelor of Applied Sciences in Chemical Engineering with the option of Managment Sciences. Dietmar is a member in good standing with the Professional Engineers of Ontario. After graduating from University, Dietmar was working as a research engineer in the development of novel processes to clean up spent sulphuric acid and manufacture Aluminium Chloride.

Over the years he has worked on the design, set-up and operations of many different pilot and full scale production plants for the purpose of developing new and improved manufacturing processes for both agricultural and industrial applications. Some of these processes include manufacturing aluminium chloride, mono-potassium phosphate, solvent extracted white phosphoric acid, ammonium polyphosphate, ammonium hydroxide, potassium acetate, ammonium sulphate, removal of solids through centrifugation or filtration, operations of filter press and many others.

Dietmar has joined Clean Air Applications to oversee the technical aspects of our indoor air quality analysis and reporting.

Frank Gerlach, P.Eng

President of Embedded Sense Inc.

Frank Gerlach, P. Eng. has over 35 years of Engineering and management experience, including over 23 years in Wireless Communications / Location Technology and 12 years in Military & Aerospace Programs.  As a patent holder and inventor of Radio technology Frank brings extensive development and design experience in RF and Telecommunications, location technology and computer integrated systems and operations.

Mr. Gerlach’s expertise in directing design and product development elements for the Canada Arm (Spar Aerospace and the NASA Space Shuttle Program), Radio Remote Controlled Minesweeping Systems (Caterpillar and the US Navy) and Nortel Networks will ensure optimum utilization of engineering staff. The knowledge and experience he gained in designing and implementing large computer integrated manufacturing facilities (Glaxo-Wellcome) will benefit clients in systems commissioning and integration.

Mr. Gerlach independently developed the framework for Variable Bit Rate Communications to overcome the deficiencies he encountered in wireless location and messaging systems and to address the need for an IP based wireless packet system. This work led Mr. Gerlach to file provisional patents covering in excess of 80 patentable items.

With a strong knowledge of the technology and an appreciation of commercial strategies and the markets addressed, Frank Gerlach brings a breadth of pragmatic experience in communications and systems engineering.  Mr. Gerlach has a B.Sc. EE from the University of Manitoba and is a member of The Professional Engineers of Ontario.  Frank brings both technical and commercial skills to the table and has public company and Board experience as VP of Engineering and Director.

Mr. Gerlach is currently the President of Embedded Sense Inc., which was created in February of 2005 with the goal of providing world class embedded systems solutions and innovative products globally.  Embedded currently provides solutions and products to Military, Medical and Industrial markets.

Mario Carcamo, MBA

Mario currently is a Business Development Manager for Everworks Inc., He has closed 1.3M of sales with various advanced manufacturers. New MQTT network for robotic weld facility, new press machine: inline tester and rework station build, Robot study for Fanuc co-bot: eliminate acceleration errors for parts loader, T&M electrical work.

As Operations manager for Suntastic Hothouse, Mario supervised, co-ordinated and negotiate dcontracts for 60 foreign workers, 18 locals & 40 non-unionized contractors. Prepare labour-production, SOP, GMP reports. Mario has resolve labour disputes and recommend measures to improve productivity and quality thru incentive programs. Training: safety procedures, company policies, forklift, scissor lifts, Health & Safety and Food Safety. Complete monthly inventory of supplies for production and sales. Streamlined labour-processes and increased efficiency of yearly tear out by 17.2%.

Mario served as the General Manager for Parkbridge Lifestyle Communities in Oakridge. As General Manager he was directly involved with the operation and management of a 314-site hybrid property comprised of residential, seasonal and voyageur clientele. Communications Via print media, social media and radio channels. Direct charge of administration and office team, scheduling, maintenance team, housekeeping team. Sales and transfers of travel and park model trailers. Negotiations with construction contractors, retail vendors and entertainment distributors. Monthly Variance analysis and cost accounting of Operational budgets, generation and execution of Capital Budgets, Revenue forecasting and yearly R.A.P analysis, Weekly review of Accounts Receivable ledgers.

Steve Reinecke, MT (CLS), CPHIMS

Steve Reinecke is a visionary leader and clinical scientist who designs and implements highly successful strategies that drive new product launches, builds revenue and improves market share within global healthcare IT, medical device and UVC disinfection environments. Known for unlocking the value in emerging technologies, evaluating market potential and forming strategic alliances for competitive strength and growth with partners across EMEA, APAC and North America. He possesses a natural talent for fostering collaboration and influencing and building consensus among internal and external stakeholders. Steve is at ease communicating vision before Board- and C-level executives. He works daily with regulatory and certification bodies globally.

Steve has worked on a number of IUVA committees whose goal are to bring awareness and legitimize UVC technologies in commercial settings. He has leveraged functional expertise and market insight to build Ergotron’s healthcare sector, worldwide — growing sales to approximately $100M annually. He has developed and instituted training courses and seminars with international sales teams and major partners, including CDW, Dell, HP and Insight.

Steve has also worked with UL on UL 962 changes to reflect commercial UVC products. Coordinated and oversee research and testing activities with regards to regulatory requirements and biologics safety on new products. He has facilitated engagement between start-up telemedicine company, Fortune 500 investor and Ergotron in the development of custom cart solution viewed as the next step in telemedicine.