Medical Clinics & Laboratories

Increase Your Net Revenue

And Provide Greater Peace of Mind For Your Customer’s and Staff

We propose a Clean Air Policy for your business to increase your revenues and help keep your employees feeling safe. Market leading companies like Apple, Google, Pfizer, have made the Payroll Health Effect a focus in their operations producing clear financial benefits. Your Clean Air Policy will reduce employee absenteeism, increase productivity and help retain top talent and attract new hires improving your bottom line.  Existing employees and new hires will decide to work in locations that include safe air.  The pandemic has forced companies to now focus on healthy indoor work spaces. 

Why Medical Grade Clean Air?

  • Standard HEPA air filters provide filtration only from 1.0 – 0.3 microns
  • Covid-19, variants and other viruses can be 0.2 microns or smaller
  • MedicAir purifies the air to 0.024 microns
  • Fewer days of absenteeism per employee, per year, due to sickness
  • Documented improvements in productivity with increased cognitive function
  • Creates greater focused activity, information usage, leading to true revenue increases.
  • Best in Class portable filtration removes VOCs, 
  • Air will feel medical grade clean
  • Control, monitor and record your indoor air quality in real time, remotely

Making Business Sense

  • Clean indoor air can produce productivity gains of 3% or greater
  • Creating a positive work environment
  • Elevate your in-store customer experience
  • We will assist you to confidently market your Clean Air Policy to drive new revenue. Ask us how.

Purchase or Lease Options Available

Small Businesses Air Quality Improvement Tax Credit For Canadian Small Business

For eligible expenses incurred between September 1, 2021, and December 31, 2022, the government introduced the new small businesses air quality improvement tax credit. The credit is equal to 25% of eligible expenses related to the purchase or upgrade of mechanical heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems and the purchase of standalone devices designed to filter air using high efficiency particulate air filters (HEPA), up to $10,000 per location and $50,000 in total.

ROI Calculator

Please note: This ROI calculator does not calculate shipping and handling or tax calculations. When you submit this form to us, we will be in touch and provide for you a final price and arrange payment and shipping for you.

When is now the time to take your medical clinic & laboratory(s) air quality to the next level?