MedicAir Mini

Designed by doctors, setting the new standard for indoor air filtration systems that you can trust.

Our superior filtration systems remove air-born contaminants down to 0.024 Microns, ten times better than True HEPA 13 filters.

Powerful 5 stage “Best-In-Class” air purification system. The MedicAir Mini device will remove 99.996% of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), particles, bacteria, and all viruses (including SARS-COV-2 and all variants and viruses) from the air you breathe.  The MedicAir unit cleans the air down to 0.024 microns.

The new clean healthy indoor air standard is below the previous HEPA-13 standard of .3 microns.  Do not be fooled by the old HEPA standard.

The mini purifies an award winning 14,126 cu/ft (400 m3) of clean air throughput per hour making this unit the industry leader in filtration capacity for its size and head-and-shoulders above the rest at a great price-point.

The MedicAir Mini is designed for smaller applications of up to 2,000 sq feet and is suitable for offices, workspaces, daycare facilities, condominium units, apartment units, retirement and long-term care residences and single-family homes.

You will enjoy “Best In Class” in every category, including:

  • Powerful 5 stage “Best-In-Class” air purification system. Filtration of 99.996% down to. 024 microns. 
  • Ten times better than True HEPA 13 filters.
  • Medical grade filtration.
  • Certified performance.
  • Includes non-ozone producing UV-C lamp chamber that eliminates RNA/DNA of pathogens.
  • Includes ReAct technology, automatically adjusts every 22 seconds to the air quality level in the room, no human action required.
  • Includes different 6 automatic fan speed settings.
  • Remove viruses and bacteria, dust, mold, pet dander.
  • Coverage, designed to clean spaces up to 2000 sq. ft.
  • Includes app, now you can monitor your indoor air quality.
  • Full interactive display including air speed, filtration level, CO2, UV-C.
  • Energy efficient only uses 55 watts of power.

This device is suitable for:

  • Medical office environments
  • Corporate office environments
  • Fitness facilities
  • Condominium units
  • Apartment units
  • Retirement and long-term care residences
  • Single family homes

– Purchase or lease options available

Additional information

Weight 12.3 lbs or 5.6 kg
Dimensions   9.84” length x 9.84” wide x 20” high or 25 × 25 × 51 cm
Color White