Peer reviewed science has now proven that an indoor clean air policy with clean air reduces employee absenteeism from health related issues. The financial benefits associated with providing clean air far exceed the costs of providing clean air.

Removal of VOCs, toxin and allergen brings up employee productivity and YOUR profitability!

Clean Air Applications will provide you with a clean air Return On Investment (ROI)

Reduce employee sick days taken due to allergies and ailments right away!

Exposure to VOCs adversely affect employee productivity and your profitability.

Harmful VOCs are everywhere.

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are in your indoor air everywhere. You are breathing them in, and this adversely impacts your health.

VOCs off-gas from paints, building materials, carpet, flooring, soaps, dry cleaned clothing, perfumes, hand-sanitizers, furniture, copiers and printers, formaldehyde fumes, microorganisms, and thousands of other manufactured and synthetic substances.

Contaminants are in the indoor air we all breathe every day at work.

Your body is under constant bombardment of these harmful and damaging substances – VOCs, viruses, bacteria, mold, dust particles, pollens, CO2, and other damaging contaminants.

Your body’s natural immunity is weakened significantly due to the unrelenting exposure to VOCs and other contaminants.

Air pollutants, specifically particulate matter, induce inflammation and oxidative stress in the brain that can lead to the manifestation of poor productivity and depression.

What are my next steps?


Have your indoor air tested

Clean Air Applications tests for temperature, humidity, particulate, VOCs**, CO2, mold and radon gas.

Your indoor air testing includes written reports with specific recommendations to improve your air quality.

* Unhealthy air directly affects your business’ bottom line.

** VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) are hazardous off-gassing chemicals from building and construction materials, flooring, laminate, mattresses, paint, upholstery and furniture.


Recieve your indoor air test report with recommendations

Our engineer-certified air test report will review your current air quality conditions. The air test analysis will compare your current air quality against recommended air safety thresholds based on guidance from the WHO and national agencies.


Implement your clean air solutions

Clean Air Applications will present clean air solutions and game plan to improve your bottom line profits.

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